Engineered Stone retains the color and texture of natural stone,
while avoiding the defects such as color difference and crack of natural stone,
and has multiple advantages such as
light weight,various selection,reasonable pice,high quality,
is widely used in building decoration,
is respected by the masses,
is the first choice of modern building decoration materials.

Quartz Stone
for Kitchen Countertop,Interior Flooring and Wall.
Artificial Marble
for Worktop,Interior Flooring and Wall.
Artificial Onyx
for Interior Wall Decoration etc.

VANTOP STONE l Quartz Collection

VANTOP Quartz Stone
is designed for modern living.
With its superior practical quality,including extreme durability,
VANTOP Quartz Surface is ideal for use in almost any application.

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Vantop Industries Co., Ltd. is a professional Engineered Stone supplier in China, specialized in quartz stone (quartz slab and quartz countertop countertop for kitchen and bathroom), artificial marble and artificial onyx .We have been pursuing the most strict quality control system to offer high quality artificial stone slabs which can meet the requirements of the various technical indicators.For many years,VANTOP STONE receive good reputation in Europe, North America, and Asia.

We are confident to offer our best services for you and welcome to inquiry and get to know more.

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